Saturday, January 30, 2010

You Know You're Hooked on Solar Cooking When...

You Know You're Hooked on Solar Cooking When...

  1. You get more excited by the cardboard box than the item in it.

  2. You're constantly thinking about the next dish that you could try solar cooking.

  3. You have a collection of solar cooking gadgets.

  4. You're out on a clear, sunny day, but you're thinking about solar cooking.

  5. You add the weather channel to your favorites.

  6. Your car sunshade spends more time in the backyard than in your car.

  7. You're only interested in black cookware.

  8. You can tell time better with a shadow than with a watch.

  9. You start thinking that aluminum foil is a precious metal.

  10. A 2-hour meal is a "quick" meal.

By: SunshineCooking

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