Monday, July 13, 2009

Solar Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies were baked using the power of the sun, a car sunshade, dark round pan, oven bag, and a twistie tie.

Our first introduction to solar cooking as a family really started when our daughter (she's the one in the video who's mostly putting our recipe together) did solar cooking chocolate chip cookies for a Science project in elementary school. The very first video above is similar to that school project . Since our daughter loves to cook, she chose (and with our encouragement) a project that had something to do with food. She was actually awarded 2nd place for it. We didn't really get into serious solar cooking until we ordered a HotPot solar cooker in May 2009 (It has inspired us ever since to create our own makeshift solar cookers). It's Summer 2009 and now is the best time to test it and solar cook. So far we have been successful with it. We not only get to solar cook as a family and spend some quality time, but solar cooking also has been fun & educational for us. We now find ourselves feeling disappointed when it's a cloudy day.

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